The best way to send goods (part 2)

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train1.jpg The best way to send goods (part 2)

However, trains are not for all types of goods. Trucks are better for
short . ln the evening they can return to their and the drivers
may go home again. The connection between and client may be
closer. On the other hand, driving a truck over long distances can be
and it demands a lot of on the part of the driver.
Within Germany and Europe 70% of all goods are transported by lorries.
There are thousands of agencies and now a growing number of
courier and express delivery .
Courier services involve the door-to-door of goods by one person, the courier.
Express services make of transhipment centres, and are escorted by a
courier. Goods are at each centre and then delivered to the next
one, very often with delivery times. Parcel services are a form of express
service. They normally have short delivery times and a concerning the
size and weight of the parcel.