The best way to send goods (part 1)

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plane1.jpg The best way to send goods (part 1)

Goods can be by rail, road or sea and Trains, vehicles, aircraft
and ships are used to transport all over the . Everything should
be as fast as but if this is too expensive, can be reduced
by using a of transport methods, for example by air and road.
Frankfurt International Airport is one of the biggest in Europe. It was
built in 1936. In terms of passenger traffic, it is the third after
Heathrow Airport in and Charles de Gaulle in . In of
flights (about 500,000 per year) and cargo traffic, Frankfurt comes second
after Charles de Gaulle.
Together with Leipzig, where a big cargo centre is being built at the airport,
the region Frankfurt/Leipzig will become even more in future and
a lot of jobs. The pollution and noise in Frankfurt and Leipzig are under
from time to time but in logistics and the creation of new jobs seem
to be more important than health and sleep.
Keep the air ! This may be the motto of cargo transported by trains because
they produce less . A cargo train emits 90 % fewer diesel particles into the
air than a . Modern filters help to reduce even this amount. Using big cranes,
containers can be loaded directly onto trains from shipping .