Care labels

Find the correct word in the drop-down menu.

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Care Labels
Mark: "Laura, I'm going to the pullover that I at C & A. But I don't every symbol on the label.
Can you me, please?"
Laura: "Of course. Which symbols do you ?"
Mark: "Well, I understand the first instruction - it informs about the of the pullover. The XL EXTRA LARGE.
The next Information is quite as well - the pullover is made of acrylic and wool.
But I don't understand the tub the broken bar underneath it."
Laura: "Oh, you always the difficult questions for me to answer!
I know that the number inside the wash tub stands for the of the washing water.
And the bar underneath the tub means, ... let me think, oh yes: The machine action should reduced when you wash this pullover."
Mark: "I think I understand the next symbol It has something to with ironing."
Laura: "That's right. An iron with two dots means '' and an iron with three dots means ''.
But I don't know the next symbol I'll look it up in my book about domestic .
Wait a minute .... There it is: “Do not chlorine bleach."
Mark: "The next symbol looks funny. Let me look in your book, please: The 'P' means that the pullover may be cleaned.
The 'P' stands for the solvent, which is used by the dry cleaner."
Laura: "I know the last symbol: “The pullover may not be tumble dried."
Mark: "That's not a problem for me, because I don't have a dryer."