Giving a presentation

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thanks.jpgHi Edeltraud
Thanks for letting me hear your presentation last week - I thought it was really good. You have obviously well and you made the material very .
You also aimed it well at the audience but I think that you could include a few more about the company's history - this would also be very interesting for your audience.
You spoke very and at a good even speed the presentation.
You could think again about the overall of the talk though - I sometimes wasn't sure which section I was listening to.
Remember, to begin with you need a really clear and a brief of what you've said at the end as well.
You made good use of the visual and answered the questions I put to you really confidently.
I thought your handout was very good but you could make more to it during the .
But on the whole well done! You've made great since we started working together.
If you need any more help, just let me know.