On the phone

Find the correct word in the drop-down menu.

Choosing a mobile
Selecting the right is quite complicated. First, you have to choose the actual phone.
Which handset is for you - an iPhone, a Nokia or Ericsson ? Then there's the question of how to for your calls.
If you make a lot of , you'll probably want to sign a with a phone for 12 or 24 months.
There's usually a of different to meet your .
If you want to be able to use your mobile as much as you like for the same of money every month,
choose an with unlimited calls and text . If you don't want to a contract, you can the pay as you go option,
where you buy for your phone as often as you need to. Lastly, don't forget to take out , in case your mobile is lost or .

Ending a conversation
Complete the following sentences, using the words in the drop-down menu:
Well, I must you get on.
Oh, there´s a call on the other .
I mustn´t you any longer.
Anyway, I´d be going.
I´m sure you must have other to do.
Anyway, I must now.

Leaving a message
Complete the dialogue, using the expressions in the drop-down menu:
- Good morning! Purchasing , Jane Smith .
> Hi, Jane. This is Edgar Hornby, Export Forwarding Ltd.. Is your boss there, please?
- Oh, I´m , Edgar. He´s in a at the moment.
> Oh, that´s a .
- Can I take a ?
> Yes, please. Could you ask him to me as soon as he .
I to speak to him two o´clock at the . He has my .
- OK, I´ll him.
> Thanks, Jane!