A phone call

Find the correct word in the drop-down menu.

Enter your answers in the gaps. When you have entered all the answers, click on the "Check" button.
-->Thomann Call Centre, Sarah Siren . What can I do for you?
=> I’d like to about the latest offer of guitars and drums in your
catalogue. Could you put me through the sales department, please?
--> Who’s , please?
=> This is Bill Drastal Miller & Sons in Brighton/England.
--> I’m sorry, but Mr Thomann isn’t at the moment. Can I take a
=> Oh yes, please. Miller & Sons is a large music here in Brighton and I’m
calling for information on keyboards, drums and percussion sets.
--> Are you thinking of any brand?
=> Oh no, not at all. But we want good, quality and prices.
--> OK. No problem. Let me just . l’lI send you our brochure ‘Hot deals’
which tells you about all our special .
=> That’s fine. How long does it usually ?
--> We normally send it by post, but we can send it by fax if you .
=> Fax would be better. Our fax number is 0044 Britain and then 1273-1948.
--> So that’s Bill Drastal from Miller & Sons - 0044 for Britain and then 1273-1948.
=> Right. By the way, do you any quantity ?
--> Our prices are very, especially for you in Britain because of the
exchange rate. How big is your ?
=> We are considering a order - about 100 drum and percussion sets
and the same number for each of several different keyboard models.
--> Oh, that’s a lot. I think in this case, a quantity discount could be .
I’Il let Mr Thomann know and he’ll get to you that.
=> That would be . Our telephone number is the same as our fax number.
--> All right. Thank you for calling. Goodbye.
=> Goodbye.