Money verbs

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps from the drop-down menu.
   borrowed      change      charged      donated      earn      raised      save      spends      waste      withdraw   
The runners who took part in the race more than €20,000 for charity.
She loves her job, although she doesn´t a lot of money.
Our daughter most of her money on clothes and make-up.
I´ll have to go to the bank and some money. All I have left is 20 euros.
I´d like to euros into punds, please. What´s the exchange rate today?
Bill Gates has billions of dollars to charity.
Don´t your money on heating, just wear a warm jumper.
To money, we share our car with another family.
Do you think he´ll ever pay back the money he from us last year?
The airline us € 30 for our lugguga, although we had only one bag.