What is addiction?

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What is addiction?

When a can't stop a drug even if he wants to, it's called . The is too strong to control, even if you know the drug is causing .
When people start taking , they don't plan to get addicted. They like how the drug makes them . They believe they can how much and how often they take the drug.
However, drugs change the . Drug users start to need the drug just to feel . That is addiction, and it can quickly a person's life.
Addiction can become more important than the to eat or sleep. The urge to get and use the drug can fill every of a person's life.
The addiction replaces all the things the person used to . A person who is addicted might do almost —lying, stealing, or hurting people—to keep taking the drug. This could get the person arrested.
Addiction is a brain .
- Drugs change how the brain .
- These brain changes can last for a long time.
- They can cause problems like mood swings, memory loss, even trouble thinking and decisions.
Addiction is a disease, just as diabetes and cancer are diseases. Addiction is not simply a .
People from all , rich or poor, can get an addiction.
Addiction can happen at any , but it usually starts when a person is young.