The development of a company

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The Company was in 1986 by our boss. At first he imported used Italian motorbikes but the for Ducatis in particular led to the of the company.
The first main investment came in 1991 when the company bought the present and built the shop. In 1994 an was added. Starting with the importing of bikes, the company today is the authorized dealer for 11 different , including Aprilia, MotoGuzzi, Yamaha, Triumph, Piaggio, Vespa or UVM• Quads. A staff of 14 people (mechanics, sales people, trainees) are currently and between 1200 and 1400 bikes are sold each year. We export to countries around the world, including those in the Far East, such as Japan. Some people say that this is like taking to Newcastle. 60% of our customers are business customers, that's business. 40% are private customers, many are regular . They often buy a new bike after only two or three years because they tend to so they always have the latest model. There is also an demand for quads - with four wheels. They are not bikes, but there is the feeling of freedom when you on one. If asked about their motivation; most customers probably say 'fun, speed and '. is hard and this growth rate may slow somewhat. But our boss is still very optimistic about the .