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seafood.jpgFRENTlC Seafood

FRENTIC is a well-known seafood with its headquarters located in the Munich .
It has a large warehouse at the Munich and another one in Hamburg.
The cold space was increased and it now has for approximately 6,000 pallets within its 13,000 metres.
Among its customers are the big German , ALDI and LlDL and retailers and food- firms as well as wholesalers METRO.
Although the company's main market is Germany, approximately 40% of its turnover is in international markets.
A staff of 20 work in administration, whereas 70 employees work in the production for the processing of 5,000 tons of shrimps yearly.
This plant, under the name of "Catch Them Seafood GmbH", was on property next to the parent company.
Most of the seafood, especially shrimps and prawns, is from South-East Asia. Organic shrimps come from South America.