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Our products
Over the last three we have built up , worldwide relationships
in almost every . The wishes of our partners in and industry are
quickly and dealt with us. We give to technical questions and
offer information about our to our partners and help to
their problems. We offer a wide of services, from to
exclusively prepared packaging in bags or cartons.

Our quality
Our regularly carry out on all our worldwide .
They inspect the quality standard we have set up locally to meet our
and make sure that our specilications are .
Our continual controls and the regular quality tests in our company-owned laboratories
us to give our products the "Seal of Excellence" with a clear .

Our production
On our production lines high is guaranteed.
State-of-the-art factory installations, automatic and fast packaging lines as well as a
modern repacklng centre the efficiency of our production.
Under the constant of our engineer and management personnel our
work processes are all organized according to the most modern .