Fear of flying

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps from the drop-down menu.
   ahead      aisle seat      anyway      armrest      board      buckle      cabin crew      case      emergency      fasten      features      lavatory      legroom      locate      mind      next      refreshments      room      seat pocket      sick bag      snack      through   
Elif: Don´t you want to sit to the window, John?
John: I´d prefer the , if that´s ok. I want to be able to get to the quickly if I´m sick.
Elif: Well, there´s a in the in front of you, just in . But don´t worry. You´ll be fine.
John: There is not enough , is there? Do you if I put the up? That´ll give us a bit more .
Elif: No, not at all. Go . You´d better your seat belt. Are you ok with the ?
John: I hope they´ll serve some soon.
Elif: It´s a nine-hour flight, so they´ll have to give us more than just a .
John: I don´t think that I´ll be able to eat a thing . I wish I could just sleep the whole flight.
Voice: Good evening, and welcome on our flight LH 007 to Frankfurt. Our will now demonstrate the safety of this aircraft.
There are six exits. Please take a moment to your nearest exit...